Stream of Passion. Most of my publications have been related to this band. It started with their tour diary from their first tour winter 2006. The summer 06 tour and 07 winter tour would follow. But also publications in the printed realm starting with their live dvd 'Live in the real world' which used a photo of mine in the booklet and several others on the dvd itself. Later Stream of Passion guitarist Lori Linstruth requested some more pictures for promotional use and one of those ended up on the cover of E Guitare Magazine no7.

Other publications have been on several official band websites and myspaces, the following newspapers: Weekblad Oost Gelre & Elna. And in the autumn of 2007 the book "Roomse Herrie" about the local pophistory was published with several of my photos in it. The second print also has a photo insert with more photos from my hand taken at the live event.

Elister & Lori Linstruth

Elister demo coverLori Linstruth magazine cover