Stolen Heart

Photo edit: Heart An image I did when madly in love with a girl and based a little on the cover of In Extremo's "sieben" album.

Experimental Light

Photo edit: Light One self portrait, 9 pictures of LEDs moved in front of the camera and one picture of cleaning agent in water which I still had combined in 29 layers. The first of photo manipulations of myself. Whenever I am slightly bored and have an hour or two to spare I take pictures of myself to make avatars from.

Hex Code Red

Photo edit: Berlin Taken in Berlin the original picture was pretty mediocre. So I straightened it, added more contrast and a nice color red and made an album cover from it for a fictional band.


Photo edit: Zombie Self portrait photo-edited into a zombie for Halloween 2005. Those not too used to horror movies were quite shocked when they saw it.